Monday, 28 November 2011

New venues

Off to visit Barnsley Metrodome tomorrow to see if they're worthy of our custom for Craft Fairs. I will be brutally objective and consider the best interests of stallholders above all else - as usual.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

More space available at Worksop venue!

If we have 90 tables at the Deaf School (we had 93 this year) we will have room for 136 at Worksop! And this still leaves us room for a considerable space for demonstrations. I'm getting excited already!

Bookings for 2012 dates

Bookings for all our 2012 dates are expected to open in January 2012. Everyone on our database will be informed at that time. If you are not on our database then please supply us with details of your craft, email address and preferably a contact number too.

Crafty Links

To all Crafters and Craft Suppliers...
Those of you who have booked Craft Fair events with us in the past will already have a link to your website on our Links page. If you're not on there, please let us know and we'll amend the error.
For those of you who have still to make a booking with us, we will add your link as soon as we get your booking.

Crafters Gallery

To all Crafters and Craft Suppliers....
We are offering those of you without your own website the opportunity to have your own page hosted on our website. For a small annual fee we will create your page using your words and images and host it on our website under the section 'Craftyers Gallery'. There is no limit to what you can have on there but we will advise you on the optimum for quick download.
If you're interested please email us for further details.
Membership/fees will run from 1st January to 31st December each year so if you're quick now you can get an extra month free!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Doncaster Deaf School Dates for 2012

These events will all be Craft Fairs and therefore open to anyone who makes goods by hand. These events will also be open to Craft Suppliers.

Saturday 17th March (day before Mothers Day)
Saturday 9th June (weekend after the Jubilee)
Saturday 8th September
Saturday 3rd November (Christmas event)

There are some Dome dates close to two of these but it is planned to change those to Gift Fairs unless asked to keep them as Craft Fairs by popular demand. Please email your thoughts on this.

Trestle Tables for Craft Events

The Deaf School event proved very popular and we've just booked more dates for 2012. However, they only have a limited supply of trestle tables (40) and some of those proved to be a bit rickety. We therefore suggest that if you're booking this venue you provide your own table. We bought a couple of folding tables from Ebay and they're not too heavy but very robust and at a reasonable price. It would be a good investment especially if you plan to do any outdoor events. I believe a similar table is also available from The Range but a bit more expensive.


Some of you have mentioned how much you like our banner stands and banners and want to know where to source one for yourself. We use The Banner Hub as they’re very good quality, reasonable price and fast.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thanks from David

Dear Candice,

I would just like to express my thanks for all you did in arranging the Victorian Christmas Craft Fayre last Saturday. It was an excellent day and so many people both stall holders and visitors said how much they had enjoyed it. I know much hard work goes into organising this event and for this I am deeply grateful.

With many thanks and very best wishes,

Canon David Bliss
Rotherham Minster

Thanks from Anne

Dear Candice,
Just a little note from me to say thank you for what for us was a wonderful day thoroughly enjoyed by all the people I have spoken to. Hope it was good for you and all your associates. I will contact you early in the new year and in the meantime have a great Christmas.
Anne Hicks (Minster Fair originator)

Monday, 21 November 2011


Just placed some advertising with 'Cardmaking & Papercrafts' and Quick Cards' magazines, so hopefully the traffic onto the site will increase in the very near future - watch this space!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Happy stallholder

Hi Candice

Thanks for giving us a table at the Rotherham Minster we had a great day

John and Jennifer J.L.B Garden Services

Purpose of this blog

Hello to the Crafty Community,
I've decided to launch this Blog as a way to pass on helpful information from crafty colleagues and ourselves. If you have any helpful tips, sources for materials, news about venues or events, in fact anything you may think interesting to the Crafty Community, please email them to me at and I will add them onto this Blog.
This will also be used as a message board for forthcoming events, so if you've had trouble in the past getting our emails you can always keep an eye on this Blog.
We do hope you'll appreciate and make use of this facility.

Rotherham Minster Craft Fayre

Hi everyone,
Just a quick inaugural post on here to say how happy we were with how things went at the Victorian Christmas Craft Fayre at Rotherham Minster yesterday. There were plenty of visitors and the atmosphere was brilliant as usual. Just waiting to get the dates sorted for 2012.